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The Open Group Conference, San Francisco, USA


Jacopo Cassina (Holonix) and David Potter (Polimi) attended this event. LinkedDesign status was presented during the QLM Work Group Meeting. In addition to the data and knowledge exchange aspects of product lifecycle management, auxiliary issues related to privacy, trust, and security were also discussed. Various members of different working groups met and fostered further collaboration opportunities. Discussions on product lifecycle data management were held with Capgemini and Boeing. Interest was also shown by Cisco and the U.S. Navy.


Metromeet 2012, http://www.metromeet.org

Silvia de la Maza and Fernando Perales (TRIMEK) represented the project in this congress. They shared the objectives and developments of the LinkedDesign project with industrial companies.


FoF Workshop

Dimitris Kiritsis (EPFL) represented LinkedDesign in this workshop. There was a presentation of the project with focus on aspects related to standardisation.


The Open Group Conference, Cannes, France


David Potter (Polimi) attended and chaired the QLM Work Group Meeting, during which the status of. LinkedDesign was presented. He participated in the Semantic Operability track and in the UDEF Interested Parties meeting, where contact was also made with the EC ISA Programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations). Meetings were held with members of the Security and Jericho Forums. Interest in QLM together with UDEF was shown by the U.S. military FACE consortium. The Open Group CEO reported that Hong Kong railway operator MTR is becoming interested in QLM.


Bienal Española Máquina Herramienta (http://www.biemh.com/)

Fernando Perales and Silvia de la Maza (TRIMEK) participated in this national fair to disseminate the importance of the data acquire in the dimensional quality control and the benefits of a good information management for the rest of the company.


PALM International PhD Workshop, Italy/ /IFIP WG 5.7 & IFAC TC 5.1

EPFL Team lead discussion about activities related to LinkedDesign in terms of ontology development and inference analysis techniques.


The Open Group Conference, Washington D.C., USA


David Potter (Polimi) and Jacopo Cassina (Holonix) participated in the QLM Work Group F2F meeting, and delivered a joint QLM presentation in the Trusted Technology track. Informal meetings and working sessions with The Trusted Technology Forum, the Jericho Forum and UDEF Work Group were also held.


NordDesign 2012,

Aalborg, Denmark


NTNU gave a presentation based of a conference paper

Title: Virtualizing the Obeya

Authors: Knut Aasland


Official opening of Engineerium, Fornebu, Norway

KBeDesign overview of LinkedDesign project and the Aker Solutions application scenario have been presented; LinkedDesign brochures have been handed out


Innotrans 2012, http://www.innotrans.de/en/

Silvia de la Maza (TRIMEK) attended this fair and shared with railway companies the LinkedDesign concepts and methodology to be applied to their own dimensional quality controls.


APMS International Conference & Doctoral Workshop, Rhodes, Greece



Proposal of a Special Session for APMS 2012:

Towards the Product of the Future”.

This special session has been supported by IFIP WG 5.1 members (www.ifipwg51.org). Partners from European FP7 Projects active in this area are also involved (LeanPPD, Linked-Design).


SMAU 2012

LinkedDesign project idea has been presented at the Italian fair SMAU.


The Open Group Conference, Barcelona, Spain

Jacopo Cassina (Holonix) and Lion Benjamins (Polimi) made presentations during the QLM track. David Potter and Lion Benjamins (Polimi), Jacopo Cassina and Simone Parrotta (Holonix), and Andrea Buda (Aalto) participated in the QLM Work Group F2F meeting. Working sessions were held with with the Security Forum and UDEF Work Group. Initial discussions were held with Boeing re: information item level access control.


The Open Group Conference, Newport Beach, California, USA


David Potter (Polimi) presented QLM and highlighted the LinkedDesign project in “Big Data: Bringing Order to the Chaos” during the opening plenary session. The video recording of the whole QLM session is available at: http://new.livestream.com/opengroup/potter-NPB13 He also attended and chaired the QLM Work Group Meeting in collaboration with UDEF. New Open Group member UPS showed strong interest in QLM.

Period M19 – M24


Metromeet 2013, Bilbao, Spain, http://www.metromeet.org/es/

Silvia de la Maza and Fernando Perales (TRIMEK) participated in the congress. They showed the objectives and developments of the LinkedDesign project, relating the industrial metrology with the management of the information inside the company.


Impact of the Factories of the Future PPP, Workshop, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop, presentation of LinkedDesign

Objective: Assessing the achievement of the expected impacts and of potential benefits of clustering


23rd CIRP Design Conference 2013, Bochum, Germany, http://www.cirpdesign-2013.de/

BIBA participation. The Scientific Technical Committee Design (STC Dn) of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) has been supporting contributions in the areas of design theories, methodologies, IT tools and their practical applications over the past decades. The STC Dn conferences provide a technical forum for researchers, industrial practitioners and policy makers to exchange ideas, share research findings, and discuss the various issues they encounter.


ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2013, Hannover, Germany

BIBA participation. The ProSTEP iViP Symposium is the leading independent PLM conference. 500 experts and decision-makers from industry and research come together for this two-day conference.


27 Control, Stuttgart, Germany, http://www.control-messe.de/control/.

Silvia de la Maza (TRIMEK) disseminated the new concepts developed in the project to exploit the information generated in the dimensional quality controls.


PPP-FoF Day, Brussels, Belgium

Trimek represented the LinkedDesign project at this event.


5thGeneral Assembly of the EFFRA, Brussels, Belgium

Trimek represented the LinkedDesign project at this event.


Conference on Factories of the Future towards Horizon 2020

LinkedDesign represented by EPFL for cross-dissemination of FP7 projects.


The Open Group Conference, Philadelphia, USA

Participation in the QLM Work Group F2F meeting. Meetings and working sessions with The Trusted Technology Forum, the Jericho Forum and UDEF Work Group.


19th International Conference on Engineering and Design (ICED13), Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea http://www.iced13.org

BIBA participation. ICED is a biennial conference, with a growing academic and industrial audience. The conference has its roots in engineering, but has radically broadened in scope, to a general understanding of designing as an activity, its human factors and knowledge aspects, its composed and multi-disciplinary nature, and its societal role and importance.

Period M25 – M30


EPDE conference on design education, creativity and business innovation


Knut Aasland (NTNU) presented on this conference


Mechatronica, Milano, Italy, http://www.mechatronika.it/home/.

Holonix and TRIMEK participate in this fair showing a small demo of the 3D scanning machine and how the information is shared to the i-Like platform.


The Open Group Conference, London, UK

Kary Främling (Aalto), Johannes Lützenberger (BIBA),

Nikolaos Maris (EPFL), Jacopo Cassina (Holonix) and David Potter Polimi) participated in the QLM Work Group F2F meeting and in meetings and working sessions with the UDEF Work Group and Open Platform 3.0 Forum.


SAVE, Verona, Italy

Holonix and TRIMEK participate in this fair showing a small demo of the 3D scanning machine and how the information is shared to the i-Like platform


Cyber-Physical Systems Conference, Brussels, Belgium

Kary Främling (Aalto University) presented “QLM: standardized interfaces for CPS


ICT 2013 Create, Connect, Grow in Vilnius, Lithuania

Workshop, presentation, demo:

Under the theme ‘Create, Connect, Grow’, this event brings together leading European researchers in ICT, businesses, digital strategists, policy-makers and related stakeholders such as the industrial research community


Co-Summit 2013, Stockholm, Sweden


LinkedDesign and Leap were presented and demonstrated by Comau, EPFL and InfAI representatives at the ITEA and Artemis Co-Summit 2013 under the theme Software innovation: boosting high-tech employment and industry.


IMS Workshop, Barcelona, Spain

Dimitris Kiritsis (EPFL) presented the LinkedDesign Project during the IMS workshop


1st Ontology Based Workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland

EPFL organized a workshop on Ontology Based Engineering, at EPFL. LinkedDesign activities were presented by EPFL and BIBA.

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