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The 42-month LinkedDesign project aims through its deliverables (both reports and prototypes) to develop aLinked Engineering and Manufacturing Platform with the following capabilities:

1) Data federation: LEAP federates all relevant information, across trusted sources in the product lifecycle, independent of its format, location and origination time.

2) Context-driven access and analysis of federated information: Besides the unified access to the integrated information, LEAP will provide specific means like sentiment analysis and simulations to analyze the integrated information.

3) User collaboration: LEAP is user centric rather than information centric. To foster collaboration between users across different disciplines, LEAP will use and extend lean engineering principles and implement a collaboration workbench enabling effective internal and external collaboration.

4) Feedback into existing systems: In addition to pulling data from existing data sources and systems, LEAP will provide tight connections to the federated systems (e.g. CAx), in order to push back enriched information to them.

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Delivery date

10.9 LinkedDesign Demonstrators 29 August 2014 download
4.3 Revised knowledge exploitation framework 28 February 2014 download
10.8 The LinkedDesign Architecture – Second Update 28 February 2014 download
3.3 The LinkedDesign Ontology 28 February 2014 download
6.3 “Rule Interchange Format” standardisation document 27 February 2014 download
4.2 Algorithms and integrated bundles for knowledge exploitation 28 February 2013 download
5.2 Lean engineering collaboration system diagnostics: optimization handbook & workbench (Task 5.2 and Task 5.3) 28 February 2013 download
10.4 1st Update of the Innovation Plan & Intermediate Results 28 February 2013 download
10.5 LinkedDesign Architecture First Update 28 February 2013 download
10.6 LinkedDesign Demonstration Plan 28 February 2013 download
10.3 LinkedDesign Architecture First Draft 08 June 2012 download
2.1 Matching framework & data protocols for data integration in design, engineering and manufacturing 31 May 2012 download
4.1 Knowledge exploitation framework – architecture and bundle draft specification 31 May 2012 download
6.1 Methods for KBE related knowledge acquisition and codification 31 May 2012 download
5.1 Next generation collaborative design methodology report 30 May 2012 download
10.2 Draft Innovation Plan 30 May 2012 download
1.1 Data Management and Integration Components in the LinkedDesign Architecture 29 February 2012 download
8.1 Guideline for LinkedDesign deployment and integration into Comau design environment 29 February 2012 download
10.1 Web Site & Public Project Presentation 07 December 2011 download
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